Quad PSU 1.6kVA Power Supplies

A compact switch mode power supply solution for single or multiple IMS systems.


It's called the Quad PSU, that not only reduces cabling for the new Geo Brick LV IMS-II, but also provides reliable power for up to four separate controller crates in a single rack mounted device.

The power supply unit is a low profile 1U configuration with three power supplies plus a Regen unit. It has a universal Input (85 - 265VAC) with built in power factor correction.

Because of the highly efficient nature of the switch mode power supplies used, it runs at a cool 10 degrees above ambient at full load.

The Quad PSU 1.6kVA offers a 48Vdc or 24Vdc motor PSU 150W 24Vdc supply for the I/O and a 300W 24V supply for logic circuits providing the power to up to four motion controllers.

Each motor, Logic and I/O output is individually switched and thermally protected.

The Motor power supply is additionally protected from over voltage by motor regeneration with an internal electronic circuit and thermally protected regen resistor.

All power supplies are internally protected from over voltage, over current, over temperature and fan failure where fitted.

Product benefits

Low profile power supply

Built in power factor correction

Outputs are individually switched and thermally protected

Motor power supply is additionally protected

Quad PSU and ARM Power Brick LV

Quad PSU and ARM PowerBrick LV