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Reaching New Heights in Motion Technology

Precision Motion Control

For more than a quarter of a century Faraday Motion Controls (formally Delta Tau UK) has consistently and continually set the global benchmarks for precision motion and machine control. 

Over a million axes of motion installed worldwide in control equipment as diverse as machine tools and medical device manufacturing, robots and the Hubble telescope, packaging machines and Hollywood movie sets. There are few lives untouched by products made using Delta Tau motion controls.

Faraday Motion Controls Ltd has forged specialised services to the high technology and scientific communities. The Jet Torus Tokamak depends on Delta Tau technology to control its complicated multi axes mechanical handling equipment – one manipulator arm alone has 17 axes of synchronous motion. 

The state of the art Diamond Light project in Oxfordshire has over 1000 axes of motion controlling the motors that set the graticules and other light beam deflecting devices.

The ability of the Power PMAC range of products to control different motor types and technologies from a single motion card offers machine builders many practical advantages. 

Moreover, all the Delta Tau products are backed by expert technical support right here in the UK.

Despite its scientific pedigree, Faraday Motion Controls also offers the most versatile and flexible multiple axis motor controllers for general purpose machine control and automation tasks.

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