Power Clipper Drive

A powerful and compact integrated controller and drive solution for cost sensitive applications


The Power Clipper Drive is an integrated Machine and Motion Controller combining the brain of the cutting edge Power PMAC processor, the unsurpassed custom-designed Digital Signal Processor Gate3 ASIC and the low voltage brawn of high performance MOSFET amplifier technology into a compact solution for more cost sensitive and OEM applications.

Download the Power PMAC PDF for a detailed overview

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Motor Control

The Power Clipper Drive provides servo loop closure (position or torque) outputs:

  • AC/DC Brushless servo (synchronous) linear/rotary motors
  • DC Brush (Piezo, Voicecoil) motors
  • Stepper motors

Encoder Support

The Power Clipper Drive can interface with one or a combination of the following types of motor feedback devices:

  • Quadrature
  • Halls (60oe/120oe)
  • Kawasaki
  • Analog +/- 10VDC
  • EnDat 2.1/2.2
  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic
  • Yaskawa
  • Nikon-D
  • BiSS-B/C
  • Mitutoyo
  • Tamagawa
  • SSI
  • HiperFace
  • Sinusoidal (with ACC-51S)
  • Resolver (with ACC-8D Opt7)

GP Inputs/Outputs

  • 32 general-purpose TTL I/O points, direction selectable by byte:
    • -16-point mux port, Delta Tau I/O accessory compatible
    • -16-point ”opto” port, Opto-22 style optically isolated modules compatible
  • Supports thousands of I/O points
  • "Handwheel” port with 2 each:
    • - Quadrature encoder inputs
    • - Pulse (PWM or PFM) output pairs
  • 4 12-Bit Analog Inputs and 1 Filtered PWM DAC Output (optional)
  • PWM laser control option (controllable TTL signals include PWM width,
  • PWM frequency, laser on/off, and first pulse suppression, typically with
  • CO2 and YAG lasers)

Safety & Other Features

  • Hardware/Software E-STOP and Reset
  • Watchdog output
  • I2T protection
  • Encoder count error and encoder loss detection
  • Plus/Minus over-travel, home, and user inputs
  • Software over-travel limits
  • Warning/fatal following error limits
  • High speed compare outputs
  • Automatic brake control
  • High speed capture outputs
  • Video Output

Cabled Accessories

  • Safe Torque Off (STO) with dynamic braking
  • Up to 64 Axes (& I/O) Via EtherCat
  • 32 In / 32 Out 12-24V Digital I/O, Optically Isolated (ACC-34AA)
  • 32 In / 32 Out Digital I/O for Opto-22 Style Racks (ACC-34B)
  • Up to 32 daisy-chained ACC-34 boards for up to 1024 inputs / 1024 Outputs
  • ModBus , 24 In / 24 Out 12-24V Digital I/O, Optically Isolated with optional 2x 12-Bit DAC & 2x 12-Bit ADC & 2 Relays (ACC-65ETH)

Plug-In Stack Accessories

  • Additional 4 Axes (ACC-24ES3) with optional 4 12-Bit Analog Inputs and 1 Filtered PWM DAC Output (ACC-24ES3)
  • 4 Channels Dual 18-Bit True DAC (ACC-8ES)
  • 4 Channel Direct PWM Output (ACC-8FS)
  • 2 or 4 Channel 16-bit Encoder Interpolator (ACC-51S)
  • 2 or 4 Channel Resolver (ACC-8D, OPT 7)


The Power Clipper Drive is a 3-board stack consisting of an amplifier section and the Power Clipper controller conncected by an interface board ”sandwiched” in the middle. The interface board provides connections that are common to the Power Clipper controller, but are more conveniently divided into individualised connectors.

Connector Layout

Power clipper drive connector layout