EPICS Technology & TANGO Software

EPICS Technology, the next generation motor controller solution.


Observatory Sciences has worked with Faraday to integrate its GeoBrick LV controller and the Brick Controller IMS with EPICS to provide the Diamond Light Source synchrotron with its next generation motor controller solution.

More recently, Observatory Sciences is continuing its work with Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) with the latest project for Power PMAC EPICS support.

The ability to use the Power PMAC with both EPICS and now TANGO will enable adoption of these systems at large scientific facilities such as synchrotrons. 

Observatory Sciences is a recognised leader in EPICS, developing control systems and delivering EPICS training. The EPICS toolkit has been used on many high energy physics facilities as well as on large astronomical telescopes around the world, and EPICS software now provides the core control system for many synchrotron facilities.

Observatory Sciences

Another option for synchrotron motion control community

TANGO Software screenshot

TANGO (TAco Next Generation Object) is a distributed control system, based on object oriented and service oriented approaches to software architecture. It is being actively developed by the collaborative effort of a group of European scientific institutes, including Alba, Desy, Elettra, ESRF, FRM II, Solaris and Soleil.

The first user of Observatory Sciences TANGO software library for the Power PMAC will be the Soleil synchrotron – the French national synchrotron which provides a multi-disciplinary instrument and research laboratory. The synchrotron is currently home to a number of high profile research projects.