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Power Brick LV IMS

The Power PMAC is a Motion Controller and Linux computer rolled into one.

Running an open source public domain operating system with a Xenomai real time kernel The PMAC has come of age.

Power Brick Controller IMS

The new Power Brick Controller IMS

To augment the original system concept with analogue outputs we now offer a wholly digital version.

Quad PSU 1.6kVA Power Supplies

Faraday Motion Controls offers a compact switch mode power supply solution for single or multiple IMS systems.

EPICS Technology & TANGO Software

All the Power PMAC products are EPICS and Tango compatible. Operating over Ethernet or imbedded in the onboard Linux computer enabling standalone applications.

Omron Delta Tau

Faraday Motion Controls haves supported Delta Tau PMAC products for over 30 years. The full range of Power PMAC products can be viewed here.