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The new Power Brick Controller IMS.

To augment the original system concept with analogue outputs we now offer a wholly digital version. Designed with stepper motors in mind, the output from this unit is a digital PWM signal that can be configured to be either step and direction to interface with existing external stepper drives or it can be configured to output a PWM signal compatible with Faraday’s larger AC servo drives. These units do not come with integrated drive amplifiers.

As well as standard quadrature encoder inputs both versions come complete with a range of serial encoder interfaces. These include Endat 2.2, Hiperface, SSI, Yaskawa Sigma II, and Tamagawa.

For more recent and future protocols, not included in the DSPgate3, provision has been made to fit a mezzanine board to facilitate the use of these and analogue sin/cos and resolver feedback devices.

The Delta Tau MACRO (Machine And Control Ring Optical) interface now comes as standard, enabling control of upto 32 axes. It also allows any Faraday MACRO product such as I/O, analogue interfaces or amplifiers to be added to the systems.

Other options include EtherCat interface for I/O and servo control, True DAC outputs and ADC inputs, Sinusoidal or Resolver feedback.