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Industrial PC Platform NY-series and IPC Machine Controller

Our IPC Machine Controller combines proven machine automation with the freedom to use PC technology

Our IPC Machine Controller combines proven machine automation with the freedom to use PC technology: working together but independently. So you can leverage Big Data, NUI and IoT to explore manufacturing innovation with no compromise on traditional PLC reliability and robustness. It makes engineers unstoppable and machines innovative yet reliable.


Standard models

  • OS independency allows controller to continue to control if a Windows OS crashes
  • Primary task period 500 ┬Ás/24 axes
  • Retain/non-retain variables 4 MB/64 MB
  • 16 to 64 axes
  • 192 EtherCAT slaves
  • Secure boot and recovery methods
  • Powerful 4th-generation CPU technology for optimum performance
  • No internal cables in the PC part eliminates faults, maximizes uptime
  • Unique simplified thermal design to cut downtime
  • Two Gbps Ethernet, one EtherCAT, one DVI, one UPS I/O connector
  • Two USB2.0 and two USB3.0 for fast data-transmission

C integrated models

  • Integrate NY-series IPC Machine Controller with Numerical Control (NC) functions.
  • Realize high-accuracy synchronization motion control (MC) and numerical control (NC) functions by ONE controller.
  • Realize the collaboration of machining process and other processes (loader/ unloader, press, assembly).
  • Support G codes for numerical control.

Based on the renowned Power PMAC from Delta Tau this open source controller comes with two operating system options, Linux or Windows.

The Power PMAC kernel is embedded into this industrial PC leveraging the flexibility of a multi port hardware platform.

User written HMI code can run alongside and seamlessly integrate into the Power PMAC features to realise a highly integrated machine control system.