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Programmable Multi-Axis Controller CK3M-series CPU Unit

Controls analog servo drives at high speeds of up to 50 μs/5 axes, enabling high-precision processing


  • Controls up to eight analog servo drives via two CK3W-AX Style Axial Interface Units
  • The CK3M-CPU121 controls up to eight EtherCAT servo drives
  • G-Code/ANSI C/original programming language
  • EtherCAT slaves including vision and I/O can be connected
  • Compact design (1/3 the size of conventional models*1)
  • The EtherCAT network reduces wiring and machine size
*1. Compared with UMAC from OMRON’s Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

System Configurations

Basic System Configuration

Encoder (Digital quadrature encoder, serial encoder)