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Unrivalled flexibility and nanometre accuracy

Faraday Motion Controls specialise in ultra-high performance motion control technology. Every day of our lives, we probably use some form of product that has been manufactured using precision motion control.

Based in the UK, Faraday Motion Controls has been supplying high precision motion controls to both the high energy Physics market and general engineering companies for over 25 years. 

Faraday Motion Controls is a registered Specialist Motion Controls Partner of OMRON DELTA TAU. Motion Partners offer much, much more than just high performance controllers. OEMs and manufacturers can choose from an extensive menu of products and services ranging from individual components, such as motors, amplifiers and controllers, to complete turnkey motion solutions.

Whatever your motion control requirement, from the supply of a simple, single axis controller to the design and installation of a complex multi-axis system, FARADAY MOTION CONTROLS can meet it.

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